Patrick Cone Photography: Blog en-us (C) Patrick Cone Photography [email protected] (Patrick Cone Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:41:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:41:00 GMT Patrick Cone Photography: Blog 120 120 Park City's Best 2014 Here's a link to the pdf online version of Park City's Best 2014. I was the editor and photographer for this yearly magazine published by The Park Record

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Rhea Cone in the Uinta Mountains Rhea ConeRhea Cone

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Lodore Canyon in Dinosaur National Monument Spent 4 days boating through the Lodore Canyon of the Green River for Holiday River Expeditions. This was a sponsored trip by where I'm the Special Projects Editor. Utv-Lodore_HollidayRiver (197)Utv-Lodore_HollidayRiver (197)Lodore Canyon of the Green River Utv-Lodore_HollidayRiver (197)Utv-Lodore_HollidayRiver (197)Lodore Canyon of the Green River Utv-Lodore_HollidayRiver (197)Utv-Lodore_HollidayRiver (197)Lodore Canyon of the Green River Utv-Lodore_HollidayRiver (197)Utv-Lodore_HollidayRiver (197)Lodore Canyon of the Green River

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Raven at Mesa Verde A raven flies from a burned tree at Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado 10369079_10204084104926555_2118754961657305507_o10369079_10204084104926555_2118754961657305507_o

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Night storm under the Super Moon The super moon lit up the Uinta Mountains on the Utah/Wyoming border the other night, with thunderheads and lighting to boot. Nightstorm_lgNightstorm_lg

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Park City's Best  

I just finished writing, editing and photographing the Park City's Best 2014 magazine, that comes out in 2 weeks. Here's a photo of bartender Marcele Paramore at the St. Regis Deer Valley resort. 04a Marcele Paramore (16)04a Marcele Paramore (16)

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Faces of Summit County at the Kimball Art Center, Park City I was invited to show some of my portraits at the Kimball Art Center in Park City, Utah. The show will be up May 23rd to July 17th. Here are two of the images. Upstairs in the gallery is Elliot Irwitt's Dogs exhibition.

Jim IversJim Ivers FacesFaces David Chaplin B&W.JPGDavid Chaplin B&W.JPG

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NationalParksTraveler photographs from Echo Canyon Utah As the special projects editor at

NPTNPT NPT_Echo Canyon (2)NPT_Echo Canyon (2) NPT_Echo CanyonNPT_Echo Canyon NPT_Echo Canyon (1)NPT_Echo Canyon (1)

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April snow Just a skiff of snow after 80 mph winds yesterday here at 7000 feet. April showers bring May May flowers must bring pilgrims.... FootprintInSnow_1FootprintInSnow_1

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This dog would rather be out. Winter dogWinter dog

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1966 Alta Falling Contest Some of my first images, finally scanned in. The Falling Contest at Alta, Utah in 1966. It hurt.


Skr-0010Skr-0010 Skr-0011Skr-0011

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Coffee art At Deer Valley a cappuccino artist from New York was sponsored by Cadillac to create images in the foam...


DV Cappucino Art (1)DV Cappucino Art (1) DV Cappucino ArtDV Cappucino Art

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Gators in Everglades Along the Tamiami trail and a walk in the woods. They look sleepy. They're not.


Everglades (2)Everglades (2) Everglades (3)Everglades (3) PAT_5931PAT_5931 EvergladesEverglades PAT_5932PAT_5932

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River Baptism in Florida Shooting the Taurus International catalog in Florida in September, and had a Sunday morning to walk around the Oleta River State Park and got to watch a baptism in progress.


Baptism (3)Baptism (3) Baptism (1)Baptism (1)

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